Author Interview – Alexandrea Weis

Meet Alexandrea Weis!

Alexandrea Weis is a registered nurse from New Orleans who has been published in several nursing journals and textbooks. She has been writing novels and screenplays for over twenty years. Her first novel, To My Senses, was a finalist for commercial fiction in Eric Hofer Book Awards, a finalist for romance in the Foreword Magazine book of the Year awards, and a finalist for romance in the USA Book Awards. Her second novel, Recovery, won the Gold Medal for best romantic suspense from The Reader’s Favorite Book Awards and was named best Romantic Suspense by the NABE Pinnacle Book Awards in 2011.Buyer Group International, an independent production company in Austin, has optioned the motion picture rights for Recovery.Her third book, Sacrifice, closes out the Nicci Beauvoir Series. Her fourth book, highlighting her love of rehabbing wildlife, called Broken Wings comes out in Dec 2011.

Ms. Weis is also a permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and when she is not writing, Ms. Weis is rescuing orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives outside of New Orleans with her husband and a menagerie of pets.

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Hello! What’s your name?

Alexandrea Weis

What do you write and why?

I write women’s fiction and suspense romance novels, along with some supernatural romance as well. Why? I like the interplay between men and women. There is always so much left unsaid between the sexes and I think any good love story or romance is always fun to read. I have also written screenplays. I started out writing screenplays when I was younger and I think that helped me to learn the importance of dialogue and character development. I have always preferred for characters to unfold to a reader with what they say or do and not because of the omnipotent viewpoint of the third person narrative.

Do you read the same genre that you write? Why or why not?

I read more historical fiction and biography than fiction. Characters fascinate me and there are no better characters to read about than those that actually lived in our past.

What is the title you are promoting right now?

Right now my third novel is out, Sacrifice. It is the last installment in the Nicci Beauvoir Series. And in January I have my next novel coming out called Broken Wings. A story about something dear to my heart, wildlife rehabilitation.

What is it about?

Sacrifice picks up immediately after my second novel, Recovery. It’s about the main character’s search for answers in the death of a man she loved. What she finds is surprising.

What makes this book different from others in your genre?

There is more action and definitely more character development and turmoil than other romantic suspense novels. It is a pretty intense book.  Nicci is in a real predicament and has to make a major decision that will affect the rest of her life. We see her grow and become more decisive about what and who she wants.

What’s the story behind the story?

The series started with my first novel, To My Senses. It is a New Orleans love story based on my own tragic past with love. I think lost love resonates with many people, not just me.

What is your goal as an author?

Like most authors I want to find an audience or hope an audience finds me. I guess I want what I write to be remembered and move people. We write for ourselves but I think we need others to approve of what we do to validate our need to write.

Are you working on anything new? Give us a preview of what’s to come!

There is a lot in the works. I am writing another novel. I thought it would be a short but it keeps expanding. It is called Diary of a One Night Stand and it’s about a woman’s journey from a one night stand with a business associate and how the relationship grows and changes her life. The next novel I have coming out in January is Broken Wings and after that I am taking a character from my Nicci Beauvoir series and starting him out on his own adventures. That Dallas August story will be titled The Secret Brokers and will probably be out in March or April. Then I am also working on my next installment in the NOLA Series with Trestle Press called Up In Smoke.

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

My favorite author was always Ian Fleming. I know, James Bond, really? But the books were such a great character study into the evolution of a cold- hearted man that they really inspired me to delve into a suspense, action, romance kind of genre.

Where can readers find you and your work?

All my books and novellas are available online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and booksellers everywhere.

What’s your view on the self-publishing/traditional publishing thing? Ideally, which one would you prefer and why?

I started out self-publishing and I would recommend it highly to anyone wanting to really learn about the business. It taught me to be a better writer and it taught me the importance of overseeing every aspect of a novel. Traditional publishing does give you credibility, but self-publishing really teaches you if you have the chops to make it in this business. I really enjoyed my self-publishing experience and I have also been fortunate enough to have some wonderful traditional publishers with World Castle Publishing and Trestle Press. So I think my opinion would be if no one else believes in you, self publish, then if you are good, you will have publishers come to you, which happened to be my experience. But this is a tough business, so keep your ears and options open for any opportunity no matter how small. You never know where it may lead.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Write drunk. Edit Sober. Hemingway. It is so true!

What is the most important advice you have for aspiring authors?

Write and keep on writing. Writing is like a muscle that only gets stronger the more you use it. And if you believe in yourself and what you write, you will find an audience. Just keep at it.

Is there anything else you’d like to say before we finish up?

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and good luck with your blog.

Awesome, thanks for allowing me to interview you!

Please take a moment to visit Alexandrea at the links below!

Her Website   Amazon   Facebook    Twitter


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  1. geostan51 says:

    I like your picture. You’re a beautiful, caring, loving person, and that comes thru in what you look like, what you say, and what you do. I wish I had your resume. You are, in deed, a successful author and a successful professional. I have a blog now at I am on a crusade with my blog. Please come and check me out. I’m not certain very many people realize I’ve begun a blog, but you’ve been friendly, so I offer it to you. George S Geisinger

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