Author Interview – Margaret Millmore

Meet Margaret Millmore!

I was born and raised in Southern California; I moved to San Francisco in 1991 and currently reside there with my husband. Reading is an addiction for me, and one I’ll never give up. I’ve had an active imagination since childhood and often made up stories that I only told to myself. After ending a successful career, I found myself with the time to pursue those stories, and the floodgates opened. I love just about every kind of story, but especially fiction, throw in some supernatural or paranormal overtones and I’m in heaven. I am the grandniece of Irish author Benedict Kiely and the second cousin of Irish author Sharon Owens.

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Let’s say hi!

Hello! What’s your name?

Margaret A. Millmore

What do you write and why?

I write thrillers/suspense (with a little paranormal twist). When I was young I really wanted to be a writer, but life took me on a different course, and then as life often does, it switched courses and now I’m writing. I’m an avid reader and a huge fan of almost all fiction (particularly Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Dean Koontz … and so many others) so that sort of set the tone for the genre.

Do you read the same genre that you write? Why or why not?

Yes and no, I love most fiction, so I read a great deal of it (from thrillers, light horror, mysteries, historical novels, etc.) but I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional true story as well.

What is the title you are promoting right now?

Doppelganger Experiment

What is it about?

It’s a story about a woman who wakes up from a coma to discover she doesn’t remember the last several years of her life, she also discovers the life she currently is vastly different from the one she remembers, she’s married, and her best friends have changed dramatically. As she endeavors to recover the lost memories she comes across a mystery that leads her to clues to dangerous and deadly experiments that were performed and may still be going on. Her journey to find the truth and gain a foothold on her new life leads her towards a dangerous green building and the discovery of someone evil in her inner circle.  It’s a psychological thriller with a paranormal twist.

What makes this book different from others in your genre?

I’ve been told the twists and turns and the setting are wonderful and engaging, that was my goal, so I’m pleased with those comments. But my additional goal was to create an antagonist that was unusual and ‘out of the box’, and based on the reviews and comments I’ve received, I feel it’s allowed the book to have a fresh perspective.

What’s the story behind the story?

The basic idea had been with me for a long time, so I started with that (a person waking up without any memory of their recent life), but it expanded and turned into what it is today due to something my father-in-law said. He had been dozing on the couch and mumbled in his sleep, he said ‘stay away from the green building on the left’, that one mysterious comment sparked my imagination and stuck with me the entire evening and I woke up with the idea of the Doppelganger Experiment.

What is your goal as an author?

I want to entertain the reader and take them away from their daily lives, engage them and keep them turning the pages. I also want to make them feel for the characters and care about the outcome.

Are you working on anything new? Give us a preview of what’s to come!

I am working on a new manuscript, but at this point it’s too new to really give a preview on, but I hope to have a general synopsis soon!

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

I have two, I can’t decide between them so they’re both my favorites: Ray Bradbury and Stephen King. To this day, Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series is number one for me (I know, that’s a lot more than one book)

Where can readers find you and your work?;;;

What’s your view on the self-publishing/traditional publishing thing? Ideally, which one would you prefer and why?

I’ve never self-published, so I can’t compare the two. So at this point I’d have to say I prefer the traditional publishing route because it’s the only one I am familiar with.

Do you have a favorite quote?

‘My stories run up and bite me on the leg – I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.’ Ray Bradbury

What is the most important advice you have for aspiring authors?

Don’t give up! Write your book, edit and revise as many times as needed until its perfect. Use all the resources around, the internet can provide you with so much advice from how to write, to how to find an agent or publisher. Don’t let the frustration and rejections get you down, it will take a while, but you can do it!

Is there anything else you’d like to say before we finish up?

Thank you!

Awesome, thanks for allowing me to interview you!

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    Cool interview – I love that quote by Bradbury.

  2. You may be unfamiliar with self-publishing but I know you support those authors. And we are grateful. Happy holidays.

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