Book Review – “Fire Baptized”

Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright

This book was given to me free of charge from the author, Kenya Wright, in exchange for an honest review. 

Ever since I read the description of this book I was really excited to start reading. Was I disappointed? Not really. Was I surprised? A little.

This book is fast-paced and never lacks action. It starts when Lanore, half demon and half fairie, runs from the police straight into a ceremonial murder. She isn’t hurt, but now the murderer knows who she is and soon she begins to receive messages via dead bodies. Not fun for her. Now she’s taken it upon herself to find the serial killer, along with the help of her ex-boyfriend were-cheetah, MeShack, and rebel leader Zulu.

Ms. Wright has created a fantastic world. It takes place in a slum habitat for supernaturals, placed in Miami and surrounded by a military base. Within the habitat, classes have formed. Pure bred supernaturals are the high society and mixed breeds, or mixies, are shunned as the scum of the supernatural world. There are fairies, were-animals, demons, and pretty much any other mythical creature you can think of. She does it in a very unique way…even though fairies and werewolves aren’t exactly new, Ms. Wright makes them completely her own.

The thing that surprised me was the language and graphic sex. Now, I’m not very touchy about such things, and while I found it often unnecessary, it didn’t offend me; but if you’re someone who is bothered by foul language or graphic sex…you won’t like this book, because it is everywhere.

The book did wrap up rather fast. Most of the book is spent hunting down this supernatural serial killer, and then at the end the final fight between Lanore and the killer only lasts a few pages. A well written few pages, but I feel like the killer should have been smart enough to give Lanore a bit of a harder time, considering all the things the killer had pulled off up to that point.

There’s also quite a bit of romance in this book. That and the language is what took my rating down from four stars to three. I’m not a huge fan of romance, and while many girls seem to want every male character to be beautiful with rock hard abs and sexy eyes, I find it irksome. Don’t get me wrong…the characters were unique, especially with their supernatural powers. But must we point out the men’s muscles every time we see them? I realize, especially in this genre, love triangles with two sexy guys are what many people want; and if you do, then you will probably love this book. They just aren’t my thing. I am thankful at least that Lenore was a strong character and not dependent on or submissive to her male counterparts.

Despite those few drawbacks, the action kept me reading and I do plan to read the second when it comes out. Ms. Wright has her own unique style of writing. It is simple, to the point and it keeps the action going constantly. The story wasn’t mind-blowing and I didn’t learn any moral lesson or explore any deep facet of human nature in it; but I could have sat down and read this entire book in one setting if I’d had the time. Overall, an entertaining read with a bit of shock value to it. Unless you really hate cussing, sex or love triangles, you’ll most likely really enjoy this book.


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  1. christiangmill says:

    This sounds really good, I will definitely check it out. That cover is very interesting to me also.

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