Book Feature – “The Wrong Delivery” by McDroll

The Wrong Delivery Volumes 1 & 2 by McDroll

The Wrong Delivery is a serialized crime novella set in the beautiful, rural setting of Argyll in Scotland, better known for its mountains, lochs and castles than being part of the crime scene.

The story involves a young married couple, Gordon and Morna Campbell who, on the surface, have everything that most people desire, two children, their own business, a beautiful home and a seemingly happy marriage.

But, as we all know, behind closed doors or in the private places of our minds, hopes and desires can flourish leading us on down dark roads where once the journey has started the way back is difficult to find. So it is for Morna and Gordon, led on with their desire for a more exciting life, they plunge themselves into a seedy crime scene where blackmail and greed only lead them to pain and unhappiness.

Unless Morna and Gordon can find a way out…

The first part of the serialization, ‘Corrin’s Eyes’ is already published with part 2, ‘Braced for Impact’ available any day now.

I hope you enjoy reading this crime story from a different part of Scotland, far removed from the Edinburgh of Rebus, and discover the gentle humour of the characters as they scratch their collective heads in confusion as their gentle lives are disturbed by unheard of violence and cruelty.


What People are Saying:

McDroll really sets up this story. A gruesome act that shocked me into paying attention, followed by a depiction of the male character that reaches out and gets you to identify with him. The tension as you realize things aren’t what they seem and Bang! The twist that makes it a worthy McDroll story. Don’t be offended. If you buy it, you like gritty noir. Embrace it.

Liam Sweeny, author of THE MAN and 24 Bloody Knuckles.

As for the twist, I’m not giving that away in the least bit. All I can say is after I read the ending, I went back and re-read the whole thing. The non-linear format of the story begs for it. Readers will find the most satisfaction when they answer that calling.

McDroll once again proves herself as one of the most capable indie crime authors today. Give this short story a read.

Ben Sobieck, author of Cleansing Eden – The Celebrity Murders & 4 Funny Detective Stories



A lot of thoughts had been going through Gordon’s mind in the last couple of hours since he’d had to listen to the gut-wrenching howls coming from Corrin. He still couldn’t work out what it had all been about as he sat there in the dark.

“Morna, where are you? You’re always on my back meddling most days but where are you when I actually need you?” He thought ruefully about the woman he had been married to now for 16 years. He’d known Morna all the way through High School, always in the same big group of friends who used to meet up at the weekends and in the summer holidays would camp on the beach at Crinan Ferry, drinking lager, smoking, showing off and flirting with each other. How innocent he had been back then! He sighed wearily and wondered how much longer Morna was going to take.

Much had changed in his life, the plans he’d had as a young boy not working out. Did they ever? The wife he knew now was very different from the girl he married when he left the school at eighteen and she began work in the office of the local haulage contractor, making the tea, answering the phone. She did a bit of filing in between flirting with the drivers, Gordon was pretty sure, as they arrived or departed for their long journeys to France or Spain with loads of crabs and langoustines. He knew that even then Morna had found it exciting and quite glamorous, speaking on the phone to business contacts all over Europe. But that was Morna for you, he thought, nothing had changed with her constant quest for glamour and excitement.

He hadn’t changed though, he thought to himself, remembering how he had started working with his father on the fish van straight from leaving school while naively planning on getting his own wee boat to catch crabs and lobsters off the shore at Crinan, but then his dad had that stroke and he’d had to take over the fish run on his own.

How quickly had the kids come along? Must have been the first and second year of their marriage and Morna had reluctantly agreed to stay at home with the babies until the day they started school. She always intended going back to work as soon as possible, heading back to her beloved boss, Craig Findlay, and for Morna that day was the happiest of her life.

“Morna, where in earth are you?”


Learn more or purchase your copy at:

McDroll’s Blog

…or view McDroll’s other work!

McDroll lives in Argyll, Scotland, easily one of the most beautiful places in the world, steeped in history from prehistoric standing stones to Celtic crosses with castles and countless lochs and glens.

She sits at night, laptop on knees, and writes about romance or murders depending on what mood she is in…well, what else would she do?

McDroll has had stories published in Shotgun Honey and The Flash Fiction Offensive and Near to the Knuckle. She is one of the contributors in the anthologies OFF THE RECORD, THE LOST CHILDREN and BRIT GRIT TOO.

She has recently published a short story collection KICK IT TOGETHER!


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