Writer’s Block Party has been dubbed…Versatile!

Let’s flashback a couple weeks to President’s Day, February 20.

I’d had a busy day. That morning the xbox wouldn’t play my trusty P90X2 dvds, so I went on an unforeseen, very cold run. When I returned I ate breakfast, did laundry, cleaned up the house and then we had to take my sister’s dog to the vet to have a tumor removed from her leg. While waiting to get the call to pick up the dog, my sister and I put together and hung the garage door on her brand new garage that we spent the summer building. We got it together…but then realized that it was backwards and wouldn’t hang right. We took it all apart, picked up the dog, and finally finished in the dark of evening.

Finally, when the work was done, we ate dinner and then I sat down to do some much needed writing on my next book, but the ending wasn’t turning out the way I had planned and I ended up re-writing portions I’d already finished instead of getting any new material written. And still I had a guest post to format and post here at WBP. Needless to say, it had been a frustrating day.

With a headache and ready for bed I opened my email in case anything important had come and there it was; one little email that brightened my whole day! Writer’s Block Party had been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from a past recipient and blogger friend of mine, A.J. Brown! EEK 😀

The Writer’s Block Party has been up and running for just over three months. In that three months, we have now been given two awards created by bloggers for bloggers, seen 6200 visitors, received 162 legitimate comments, posted 48 posts, featured 28 authors and 9 books, and I’m just happy as punch. So before I go any further, THANK YOU to all those authors and artists that have contributed to WBP. Without you we’d have a total of 8 posts, no comments and a few very disappointed visitors.

So, here are the rules:

* Thank the award-giver and link back to their blog in your post.

Thank you so much for passing this on to me, A.J. I can’t tell you how excited I am to add this badge to my sidebar 🙂 Everyone go check out A.J.’s Blog! He was nominated for this award before me, so you know his blog is quality!

* Include a link to the original blog, The Versatile Blogger Award.

I did above, but in case you missed it, check out The Versatile Blogger Award and see what it’s all about!

* Share seven things about yourself.

Hmm, well you all already know I’m an aspiring writer, so I’ll try to stick with things you don’t know.

Yup, there I am playing with my saber.

That's me, ready for battle! 🙂

1) I graduated from West Point in 2010 with a physics degree. The only reason I’m not in Afghanistan right now as a signal officer is that I got medically discharged for a heart defect I didn’t know I had. No wonder I was always so bad at running!

2) My alternate life plan if I absolutely fail at writing is to be a code-breaker for the NSA. After a two year tour with the peace corps. But I plan to do the peace corps either way.

3) My big toe on my left foot doesn’t bend…the big joint is frozen. It makes squatting down an acrobatic affair.

4) I’m an INTJ. If you don’t know what that means, check out the Meyer Briggs Personality Test. Considering it is one of the least common types, yet my brother, sister and I all are INTJs, I’ve decided personality is genetic. (Did I mention psychology and genetics fascinate me?)

Things like that!

5)  I climb EVERYTHING; from rocks to walls to roofs to trees. It doesn’t matter. I love to climb.

6) I have really intense and interesting dreams pretty much every night. They are so vivid I often don’t know what really happened and what didn’t, and they always have intricate plots with multiple messages to them. They also involve aliens more than half of the time. Every night I’m excited to fall asleep to see what I’ll dream about. Dreams also fascinate me.

7) When I was a kid I wanted to be a biologist and botanist. When my dad asked me why I told him that, while those fields are interesting, the real reason was so I would have an excuse to move to the rainforest for “research” and then “go missing” so I could live off the land on my own away from civilization. I was a weird kid.

* Pass this award along to fifteen blogs you enjoy reading.

Okay, fifteen blogs is a lot. I don’t know how strict these rules are, but I didn’t quite get that many, and hopefully no one will mind 🙂 I’ve never been that good at following rules anyway…

So here are the blogs I’ve nominated!

The Librarian who Doesn’t Say Shhh. If you love books, education, reading or anything related, you’ll really enjoy this blog, written by school librarian Miss Anderson! You’ll often find recommendations for books and blogs written in new, creative ways. A favorite of mine was “Top Ten Books I’d Save If My House Was Going To Be Abducted By Aliens.”

Science For Fiction: Where Reality Fuels Imagination. Written by scientist and aspiring writer Tim Barzyk, this blog is fascinating. If you’re interested in cutting edge science or science fiction, you will love this blog. Explore the science behind the ideas that make science fiction possible!

Mad Hatter Miscellany. Written by Nick Andrews, business man and aspiring artist, Mad Hatter Miscellany is true to its name in that it is a bit like going down the rabbit hole 🙂 Nick post about anything that comes to mind and his is one of my favorite blogs to check back for new and interesting posts that make me think.

Vikram Roy’s Blog. Not only does Vikram always have something new and fresh and interesting to blog about, the posts always come with really neat and awesome graphics! He is also the author of the play THE ALCHEMIST: A Mystery in Three Acts.

LibriCritic. LibriCritic is a good old fashioned book blog, but it has an attractive style and neat organization that sets it apart. Not only will you find great reviews here, you’ll also find posts about all things writing, and they are just brimming with the genuine excitement of the writer.

Fabulous Realms. Written by fantasy author Ash Silverlock, this blog is so much more than promotion for his fantasy work. Find history, explanations of neat legends and lore from all over the world. Fascinating blog for anyone interested in fantasy or history!

Morgan Bailey’s Writing Blog. If you like Writer’s Block Party, you’ll definitely love this blog! It has been up a long time and is full of author interviews, features, guest posts, reviews, exercises, writing snippets, events and pretty much everything else you can imagine related to writing. Very versatile!

My Best Friends Are Books. Written by a children’s librarian from New Zealand, this book blog is unique and diverse in its posts. Find great information on books for your kids, enter contests and teachers can even find some great resources!

Technically Heroic. Written by scifi author E.W. Soper, this blog is a must for all you techies, computer gurus and scifi fans.

Check them all out, they are awesome!

* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

I will most certainly do that right after I post this and so have a link to send them in explanation.

* There is no deadline for responding, although I would imagine that being “fairly prompt” would be the polite thing to do.

I apologize to A.J. that it took me so long to publicly accept this award! Our posts lately tend to be scheduled a few weeks out, and I didn’t want to bump any authors out of their spot. So a belated thanks again!

Whew…that was fun!

Thanks again to everyone who has made this possible! Don’t miss our next post on March 6 where Shawn Lamb will talk to us about how she created her fantasy world Allon! Also check the Free Stuff tab to win a free copy of Allon or one of 5 other great books!


About Lisa Taylor

Hello! I'm an author, and in my time as an author I've realized that there are thousands of authors out there that just don't get the attention they deserve. So I'm hosting this "Writer's Block Party" so you can get to know the people that create the stories we all love!
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11 Responses to Writer’s Block Party has been dubbed…Versatile!

  1. VIKRAM ROY says:

    Thanks Lisa for declaring for the battle! I am always your side so don’t worry just start fighting! Hehe… 🙂 Love this award! ❤

  2. Tim Barzyk says:

    Hey Lisa! Thank you for the nomination! Just to clarify (and not overstep my bounds, here) — does this mean I can go ahead and write up the post for the award (the links to the other blogs, 7 things about myself, etc.) or do I wait for another award notification (the “win” as it were)?

    My first award! Want to make sure I get it right!

    Thanks again! More to come on scienceforfiction.com !

    • Lisa Taylor says:

      Haha, sorry Tim! A nomination means you won! Feel free to take the badge, write your own post and pass the award along to your favorite blogs. You can also go to the original Versatile Blogger Award blog and let them know you’ve been given it…then they will add your blog to their list of winners and hopefully bring you some more traffic 🙂

  3. That little award does brighten a bad day. I had it once a while back. Great for boosting the old self-confidence. Congratulations. You earned it.

  4. E.W. Soper says:

    Thanks for the nomination, Lisa! I’ll write up a post as soon as I can comply with the rules 🙂

  5. Miss Anderson says:

    Thank you for the shout out and the nomination! And the post on my “About Me” page. It’s always interesting to see who’s reading my stuff. I’ll be following you!

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