Four Month Anniversary Feedback – I Need Your Help!!

Well, hello writers, readers, and partiers!

Today is both a post of celebration and exploration. It has been four months to the day since Writer’s Block Party went live. *token cheers*

In that time, we have:
91 email followers
4,179 total followers (including FB and Twitter)
59 posts with 173 comments and 387 shares
7,964 views from 46 countries

Our top post has been “Publishing Audio Books and E-books at the Same Time” by Wayne Zurl with 841 views.
Our top commenter has been John Hansen with 8 comments.

That’s so freakin’ awesome. So before I go any further…THANK YOU to John, Wayne, and all those authors and readers that have participated and made this party possible. You’re the best!

Now, all that is great, but I want ways to make this blog BETTER for everyone. The only way I can do that is through feedback from you. So please, please, please, I beg of you, if you check this blog even semi-regularly, leave a comment, answer some questions, and share your ideas!

First and foremost, I am looking for COMMENTS. I will also include a poll at the bottom of this post, but let’s be real; polls just can’t give as much insight as good old fashioned conversation.  So please take a moment to answer any or all of the following questions:

1.) Why do you visit WBP? Or, alternatively, if you don’t visit much – why not?

2.) If there was one thing you could change about or add to WBP, what would it be?

3.) Is there a type of post that you think I should adopt here at WBP?

4.) What about the interview questionnaire? Have I left anything off you’d like to know about your favorite authors? Are there questions on it you DON’T care about?

5.) What type of post at WBP is your favorite? Why?

Again, please leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas, and thank you in advance for your effort. If you don’t have time to leave a detailed comment, I understand, but please at least take a moment to answer this poll!

Character Interviews/Guest Posts: Similar to current interviews and guest posts, but written from the point of view of the main character of the book being promoted about subject matter that the character would find important.

Author/Reader Rant: In this post, an author or avid reader would get to rant about something related to the writing/publishing business or readers (for authors) or related to authors or books (for readers). They would be required to suggest an alternative or give thoughts on how to fix the problem they are ranting about.

Share Your World: In this post, an author of fantasy, paranormal fiction, science fiction or some other type of “otherworldly” books would explain the premise of their very own fantasy world. Politics, creatures, land division, maps, you name it! Written in a style so as to help readers escape into a totally different world, this is a great way for authors to flesh out the details of their creation.

Special Excerpt: In this post an author or reader would share their all time favorite book excerpt and share a few words about how that excerpt has inspired or helped them.

Thank you everyone for following, for contributing, and for your feedback. Please check back on Wednesday for my book review of the fascinating book This Möbius Strip of Ifs by Matthias Freese


About Lisa Taylor

Hello! I'm an author, and in my time as an author I've realized that there are thousands of authors out there that just don't get the attention they deserve. So I'm hosting this "Writer's Block Party" so you can get to know the people that create the stories we all love!
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