Book Feature – “Nukekubi” by Stephen B. Pearl

Nukekubi by Stephen B. Pearl

Terror has a new name.

 A new drug named Terror has hit the city streets, claiming its victims by causing them to die of unspeakable horrors.

Ray McAndrues, a lifeguard by profession, is not what he appears, for he can sense energies and perform magic. While doing a favour for his girlfriend and fellow mystic, Cathy, Ray discovers exactly what is causing the gruesome deaths of innocents when he witnesses a friend succumb to Terror’s destructive effects.

 Horrified, Ray believes he is the only one who can stop this ancient evil, for a Japanese goblin – a Nukekubi – has come to feast upon those Ray cares about.

In his pursuit, Ray is joined by two allies who have come from Japan to hunt the Nukekubi. With Toshiro and Kunio, Ray discovers he does not have to fight alone.


What People Are Saying:

“Nukekubi is an exciting read filled with mysticism and spiritual understandings.” Melissa Sizzling Hot Book Reviews:

“Brilliant! Stephen Pearl reinvents the Paranormal genre!” – Karen Dales, Award Winning Author of The Chosen Chronicles: .

“Five out of five stars. At the start of this book I knew I would love it.” Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team:



The terror pulled at me like a tide of dark blood. My awareness of self was drowning in it. The astral form I wore became a giant shambling thing. Mustard-yellow blood oozed from every pore, my arms and legs stripped of flesh. Everything hurt and screamed for relief. It was different from the fear landmine in that the fears weren’t my own. Spiders, snakes, secrets revealed, hidden appetites, a collage of the fears that torture humanity paraded across my mind, most finding no place in me to relate to. Only the fear existed, and fear was a kind of energy, and energy I could use.

Screaming for the wraiths and myself, I released the pent up fear and despair that had been my attackers’. It became a laser of mustard-yellow force that struck the sky of my foe’s pocket dimension. The energy tore at the barriers that held so many captive. The blackness parted. I felt the wraiths around me hurtle towards that opening. Now, free of the fear energy that bound them, they were drawn to the sections of the astral that best reflected their own natures. I sent a single word hurtling out with them. “Cathy!”


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Dark Dragon Publishing
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The Book Depository
Stephen’s Website


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