ScienceBucks and Scientific Writing!

Hello dear readers!

Recently, a new enterprise has been brought to my attention, and it has me super off-the-wall excited. Why? Because it combines my two favorite things in the whole wide world – Science and Writing! 😀

ScienceBucks is a soon-to-be live magazine started by Jeff Lapides, Ph.D.

Its goal is to provide an avenue of funding for basic research through the public instead of through the government. The basic idea is this:

Scientists post and explain their areas of research and what project they want to take on next, online and in the magazine.

The public reads these and donates money to basic research that they feel is important or fascinating or whatever. The public may also ask questions or suggest questions to scientists that they think should be researched, and the scientist can accept or reject these research ideas, or incorporate them into their own research.

The scientist then, when his project is funded by public donations, starts the research project and instead of sending reports to the government, continually updates the public on his progress, findings, applications, etc. through constant articles and stories in the ScienceBucks magazine, which donors are subscribed to. People who donate to fund research can read about the research as it’s happening! No censorship from government funding agencies, no middle man between the scientist and the public.

A vector image of Image:Capitalismlogo.JPG

A vector image of Image:Capitalismlogo.JPG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now this project isn’t up and running yet. Why? Well, because basic research is EXPENSIVE! For a scientist to even have a chance at a decent research project, they would need funding at a MINIMUM of 250,000+ dollars. Many will need in the millions. Beyond just the cost of research, they also need money for writing and editing services. Many scientists don’t have backgrounds in public speaking or writing, so they will need writers who can collaborate with a scientist and understand their research well enough to communicate it clearly and accurately to the public.

So, ScienceBucks magazine can’t even try to start funding scientists until they reach 100,000 subscribers. At that point, they will begin posting research projects and campaigning for donations to research. So I beg of you, if you enjoy your ipads, DVRs, wireless appliances and other crazy gadgets that have come out the last twenty years, stop by this site! Donate five dollars, or at least subscribe to the magazine. The subscription is free! Because without scientists, those gadgets wouldn’t exist. All you self-published authors would have booths on the street trying to sell print copies of your books. With the U.S. national debt, our government is seriously cutting scientific research funding in all kinds of areas. Scientists, driven by that powerful, childlike curiosity, are being sent away to jobs not nearly so important to our world.

So check it out and spread the word. Come on…don’t make the astronaut cry.


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