“Blood Bias” and Giveaway by James R. Tate

To win a print OR e-book copy of James R. Tate’s book, Blood Bias, please leave a comment on this post that includes your email address. Print copies can be shipped internationally. This giveaway is open for entries until 3 PM (EST) on May 25.

First off, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is James R. Tate. I’m a cabinet maker by trade, author by night. If you’re wondering why I use my middle initial, it’s because it makes me sound more educated, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, I find it amusing to tell people that I did, in fact, barely pull C’s In English in high school, and never attended college—except several on-line classes so I could teach carpentry at a prison—but that’s a different chapter altogether. I’m just an ordinary person who loves a great book. And even better than that, I absolutely love to write a good story.

Everyone that loves to read seeks the same thing; to get lost in their imagination, or at least the imagination of the author. We find intrigue trying to solve a mystery along with the heroic sleuth, or adventure following the clues leading to the buried treasure, or experience romance as the heroine finds true love through adversity. Whether you like Zombies and Vampires, Serial killers and Detectives, Knights in shining armor and Damsels’ in distress, or just a good old fashioned scare fest, you can’t beat a good book to curl up with. So when I decided to write a book, I envisioned a book I would love to read.

This book would have to have a good deal of action (it’s a guy thing), have multiple layers in the plot (nobody like to figure out the killer halfway through), and have an element of romance. Hey! I’m a romantic at heart. I like Nicholas Sparks, too. (But Stephen King is my favorite)

The bottom line is; books should entertain, whatever your taste.

I think I accomplished a lot of these goals in BLOOD BIAS, my murder mystery set in Southeast Texas. The main character, Reese Glockman, is faced with trying to solve two murders in his small town within days of each other (this is the mystery part), and the FBI gets involved and tries to force Reese into a bystander role (ahh, and the plot thickens!), and his wife is lying comatose in the hospital during all this—a victim of a car accident (this would be the romance part). If you’re not enticed enough yet, how about the fact that his estranged daughter, who has secretly been visiting her mother in the hospital, becomes a kidnap victim of the killer and may very well become his latest victim if Reese can’t piece together the clues in time. The tag line for the book is a quote from the killer:

“Revenge is only a tourniquet for the bleeding soul.”   

You can check out the reviews on Amazon or purchase a digital or paperback copy 

BLOOD BIAS can also be purchased at my web site or come visit me at my blog.

I’ve enjoyed my visit here and wish to thank Lisa for inviting me over. The tea and crumpets were delish!

James R. Tate is an award winning author of fiction, magazine and short story. His debut adult novel, BLOOD BIAS, was released in late March, 2012 through BOOKLOCKER.com. You can find him at jamesrtate.com, or at his blog, Tate’s Other Side – http://jamesrtate.blogspot.com/ and also on Facebook and Twitter.


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