Book Feature – Feeding the Urge by Jeffrey Kosh

Feeding the Urge by Jeffrey Kosh

In Prosperity Glades, a small town on the shores ofLake Okeechobee, you can run across Dr. Axel J. Hyde, the County’s Assistant Medical Examiner. He’s an eye-catching man, yet hides a dark secret from the age of ten. He’s a remorseless murderer with a weird twist: a ‘Rider’ urges him to hunt and dismember ‘people who feeds on fear’. Sexual killers, rapists, pedophiles – none escape his cold fury. However, when someone begins ‘poaching’ into his territory, Axel is caught between the urge to find and kill this kindred soul or greet another of his ‘species’. Is the Rider a real spiritual entity or just the product of a kid’s scarred psyche? Do you dare to find out?

Feeding the Urge is a novel exploring a traumatized man’s inner struggle between feelings and urges. It is Will alone stronger than Demons?

If you enjoyed Showtime’s Dexter or Thomas Harris’ Hannibal, Feeding the Urge can be a pleasant alternative to the modern horror genre of zombies and vampires. Jeffrey Kosh’s debut novel was the first set in the fictional town of Prosperity Glades, and established the setting for his successive short stories collection ‘Spirits and Thought Forms: Tales from Prosperity Glades.


What People Are Saying:

“This book has so much going on within the pages that once you start it you will never have to worry about your mind wondering off in a different direction. In the beginning it is a story about Dr. Axel Hyde but it becomes so much more. There are so many different stories within this book it is crazy, but it all works and flows so well together.
This book does have some very adult situations and it does have some very taboo subject matter that a lot of people my want to turn away from the book but I can assure you that this book is very well thought out and written in a way that some of the subject matter is never to overwhelming. The characters are so well written that it is very easy for them to become real in your mind. You are able to feel the pain and hate and fear of each and everyone of them and that is what made this book so amazing for me.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good captivating read and as much as you wouldn’t think it being in a book like this, there is a bit of romance and a hot and steamy part.”Jenn

“Riveting-fascinating-delightful! Like Dexter’s Dark Passenger, but with more flavor, spiritual horror, and metaphysical impetus, for fast pace, graphic horror, and good characterizations, “Feeding the Urge” is nearly unbeatable. The author’s own brand of metaphysics blends with Native American traditions and modern psychology to create an inimitable backdrop to this novel. The descriptive settings of South Floridaimagery, its flora and fauna, are very well done and propel readers into the story’s suspension of disbelief.
Author Kosh knows how to reach inside his characters and pull their internal selves out into the open. What he does with Axel Hyde, and with Cheri, is incredible. Mr. Kosh juggles a large character set, and manages to delineate each one, mixing first person point of view (Axel Hyde) with third-person for other characters. Still, the story runs smoothly because the reader is enrapt with the action and with the characters’ plights.”Mallory Anne Forbes

“Mr. Kosh doesn’t just tell you a story, he takes you on an adventure. He straps you in and takes you through the swamps from one moment to the next keeping you on tenterhooks just longing for the next reveal. Feeding the Urge is one of his many amazing works. I loved it, and you will too!”Jaime Johnesee (Author of Oh, the Horror!)



She felt his lewd hands on her, followed by his foul, stale breath on her face. And instinctively reacted. Fast, very fast. Her left hand struck the man’s neck at the Adam’s apple, sending him backward with pain and surprise. The punch was followed by a kick with the point of her right boot, between Jay’s legs, with a lightning elbow strike to his nose. In less than five seconds Jay Fraser was down, his face a mix of running blood, dead leaves, dirt, and mucus. She came slowly, but resolute toward him, her beautiful hips moving with the grace of a wild animal in the hunt, her blue-green eyes transfixing him, shining like gems in the darkness of the abandoned campground. For the first time in his life, Jay was really scared by a woman. She could feel it, and she smirked.

“Look what you did to me!” Jay cried out, trying to convey a sense of threat in his words, but ending to sound more like a scared boy, in his trembling voice.

What in hell was this woman up to? What did she want from him?

He had met her at the Roughhouse, the biker’s watering hole of the town. She had appeared suddenly from nothing, turning the heads of local customers, distracting them from their beverages for the first time in the evening.

An angel out of Hell, the woman was tall, sporting a wonderful developed body under her tight, denim clothes. The skin as pale as the moonlight, her eyes the color of the sea, Jay could not believe himself when she came straight to his table, sitting in front of him with a smiling face.

She had beautiful flowing night-black hair, running down to her waist, which seemed to have a life of their own, when she sat down, running left and right at her shoulders. Black jeans, black duster with silver medallions, black cowboy boots and hat over long black hair. Except for the silver highlights of her accessories, and her skin, everything was black on that woman. The body moved with arrogant grace, swinging an ass you could bounce a quarter off, and yet something was oddly chilling about her. Maybe it was her smile, or her jewel-like eyes. She said she was looking for company, and she had chosen him.

They had some rounds of beer, Jay could not remember how many, then she was on him, never too close, never too far, teasing him in a way Jay Fraser, the leader of local Aryan Brotherhood Bikers, had never experienced with a mysterious gal like that.

Jay was 55 by now, originally sent down for grand theft auto, he had quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Having taken an early beating on entering prison society, he had had his revenge by slipping ground glass into his would-be oppressor’s food in the cafeteria. As the prisoner choked out, coughing up blood, all eyes had turned to Jay who calmly drank a toast to the dying con.

From that point on, no one wanted to mess with him. Jay was then quickly accepted into the Aryan Brotherhood gang in the prison, rising through its ranks through a process of political deals and violent takeover. When he had finished his stretch, he was considered one of the gang’s rising stars. The reason the gang was in town was the senior members of the Aryan Brotherhood had spotted the chance to capture new market for drugs that opened with the construction of the prison.

The task of smuggling in narcotics and looking after the interests of the cons was given to Jay. He was ideally suited for this job. Unlike most of the Brotherhood’s members, he relied on brain rather than raw brawn. However, that night, he had fell in the trap of this predatory woman like a 16 years boy would fall in the clutches of an expert hooker.

“Look at me, Jay…” She whispered, while extracting the wicked blade from under the jacket. Jay saw the gleaming of metal in the moonlight, and reacted in the only way, he knew; by entering combat mode. An adrenaline surge flowed in his body, subduing the pain, and giving him the strength to regain his feet.

Too late!

The She-devil was already on him, plunging the knife’ sharp point toward his neck.

Jay instinctively raised his left arm upward, trying to deflect the lethal strike, but the blade carved into the top of his shoulder in a downward stabbing motion, catching between the bones of Jay’ shoulder and arm and wrenching it out of alignment. Blood flowed profusely from the deep wound, bathing the swampy, putrid, overgrown ground. He reacted with blind fury, mixed with fear, swung a balled up fist which smashed into her lip, crushing it against her teeth and splitting it open, making the woman drool blood. Jay smiled amidst his own bloody face, while preparing himself for a second strike, enjoying the small victory he had achieved.

Nobody was going to off him, especially a broad!

Reversed, the blade stabbed up into his stomach and carved up towards his sternum before being pulled free, Jay’s entrails exposed to the air as blood coursed down into his lap. Fraser couldn’t believe it, the girl had acted fast, allowing herself to be hit, luring again him into a trap, as a way to gain a clear spot to slice into his abdomen. He staggered backward, gazing with shock at his dark blood, flowing copiously from the jagged, irregular, slash in his belly. Then, raised his eyes in time to see the smiling monster, which had been a gorgeous woman, lift her left leg, smashing it into the side of his jaw, grinding Jay’s teeth against each other and snapping his head violently to one side. The man staggered again, spitting out splintered fragments of a shattered tooth. A second blow, so fast Jay believed someone else had struck him out of nowhere, caught him in the knee, dislocating it with a crunch, and sending the man kissing the ground.


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Available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and Baker-Taylor formats.

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