Character Interview and Giveaway – Amirith Daarcphyre of “Islands of Loar: Sundered”

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Meet Amirith Daarcphyre

Amirith claims to be from Del Mark. His mother and father were adventurers who fought against Sundering-Warped Aberrations mainly for the treasures often found in their lairs. They were known to scour the occasional ruins as well. Amirith inherited his mother’s sorcerer abilities, and like her, he is a generalist rather than an Elemancer.

At 28, Amirith is an easy going, world-wise Human with a passionate curiosity. He prefers thinking his way through problems, but tends to seek them out when none present themselves within a reasonable amount of time. Recently he has traveled to Beltair having failed to enter one of the more enigmatic ruins of an underground cache there.

Check out Amirith’s story in the book “Islands of Loar: Sundered

Welcome.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thanks.  My name is Amirith Daarcphyre.  I am a sorcerer, though I’m not an elemancer like one of the Aeromancers that rule Loar.  My mother was more of a general arcanist and I chose to follow her.  That means I can cast spells related to any element and a lot of the arcane spells that wizards emulate with their magic, except without the musty tomes.

Tell me more about your family.

My parents were adventurers, ruin explorers and the like from the Island of Del Mark.  I guess they spent a lot of time hunting the Sundering-Warped aberrations, too.  Many of those are intelligent enough to horde treasure, especially magical treasure from before the Sundering.  As I said before, my mother was a sorcerer, a talented one.  Dad, however, was a swordmaster.  He taught me a little bit so I can handle a blade I suppose, but I’m better with the magic.  I’m the only kid they ever had.  It took so long to raise me, they decided not to have another.  Took too much polish off their skills.

Several years ago they tangled with a shift lizard and it proved to be more than a match for them.  I miss them, but they died the way they wanted to, doing what they love.

You spoke of Loar, the Sundering, and Islands.  Loar is your world?  What is the Sundering and these Islands?

Ah, the Sundering.  Centuries ago, some say more than a millennia and a half but no one really knows, our world was round with vast tracks of land and even larger bodies of water.  A monk once told me those were called Oh-shins or something, but I never figured out what shins have to do with water.  I guess you’d have to ask a Hydromancer.  Anyway, the world blew up.  Again, no one knows for sure why.  The gods left us before it happened and a lot of people, a whole lot of people, believe it was because we began to put our faith in technology – that’s complex machines and the like, not wagons or water wheels for mills – rather than the gods.  Left to our own devices, so to speak, we blew our planet up.  That was the Sundering.

We had plenty of warning I would think, but if it wasn’t for the elemancers, the sorcerers tied to the elemental realms, everything would have died.  They saved us, though.  Using their elemental magic they preserved twenty large chunks of the world, the Islands now, and all life that had been gathered on them before the Sundering.

Since then, everything has kind of wound down, decayed.  It’s like the Islands and everything on them are tired, too exhausted to keep going for much longer.  Except for the bards and their little underground, most people don’t have the energy to disagree with all the laws the Aeromancers keep passing or the failing economic system.  Even the plants and animals are starting to look…not sick, but just beat down.

You keep referring to these elemancers, who are they?

Wow, well, that’s a complicated answer.  There are a lot of different kinds of magic on Loar.  Some are similar and blend with others like mine.  Others are very unique.  The elemancers are tied to elemental realms, a kind of other-place devoted or consisting of just that element.  The lords of those realms, for example Lord Pneumadel of the realm of Air, made pacts with the elemancers who wield their magic.  I’m not entirely sure what the lords receive, but the elemancers are far more powerful in whichever element they wield than other magic users.  Plus, they can achieve the Incarnate stage where they literally become their element for a time.  In that form, they are really indomitable.

There are only four kinds: Aeromancers, Geomancers, Pyromancers, and Hydromancers.  At first, they all worked together to save and stabilize the Islands.  The Geomancers created the pulons, the big arches at the edge of every Island that allows us to travel from Island to Island without having to cross the Void.  Then they started disappearing, something to do with them traveling through the pulons, though no one has ever given me a straight answer on that one.  Also, several centuries after the Sundering, there was a big war called the War of Wind and Fire.  The Aeromancers won and the Pyromancers were decimated.  Only a few survive because they are needed to activate the pulons.  They were slavecrowns now and are mindless.  Then there are the Hydromancers, but what is there to say about them?  They are river rats and don’t do anything important any more.  It’s kind of a shame really.

As for the Aeromancers, a lot of them died during the Sundering.  Air is harder to control and anchor than the other elements.  Given that and their victory over the ‘rebellious’ Pyromancers, the people asked them to rule over us.  Now we have the Council of Windbags…ahem, I mean, the Council of Wind that makes our wonderful laws and generally meddles in our lives.

You said there were other forms of magic?

Oh yes, quite a few.  I’ve told you about the elemancers and a bit about the regular sorcerers like me.  We both use inner magic, magic that comes from within us.  Monks use a kind of inner magic, too, called chay, but they don’t refer to it as magic.  Let’s see, there are wizards who use external magic, which requires tomes and lots of time studying the universe.  They lost an immense amount of knowledge in the Sundering and I don’t think they have recovered even a tenth of it.  Druids and shamans use the magic of living things and follow their Prophecy.  Don’t ask me about that because I don’t have a clue.  The bards use a kind of magic with their music, but it’s just a variation on sorcery if you ask me.  Their real magic is in stirring up trouble against the Aeromancers.

There are some others who might be considered to dabble in magic, like the artificers and alchemists, but they are just a subclass of wizard if you ask me.  Of course there are always the rumors of this or that kind of weird magic, but I’ve never seen anything that couldn’t fit into one of the above.  Sometimes we get folks claiming to be the priests of some new deity, but they always turn out to be a fake wanting money.

Legends say that another kind of magic used to exist in Loar.  Magic that could heal.  The servants of the gods had that power.  When the gods left us, though, they took that with us.  No one can use magic to heal now.

It sounds like magic rules everything in Loar.

It’s true that the Aeromancers are our oligarchy, and also constitute a hereditary monarchy over each Island.  Those that rule the Islands make up the Council of Wind, which is led by Dalgan Riftwind.  He’s a complete bore with no sense of humor.

However, I wouldn’t say magic rules everything.  We have the Lodge and the Clans that hunt down aberrations in their own ways.  Hunters and Barbarians mostly.  And as I said before, my dad was a swordmaster.  There are definitely the fighter types: weapon masters, scouts, rogues, thieves, scoundrels of all kind – mostly from Gallim’gaal – and the armoragons.  The armoragons are awesome to behold and almost unstoppable in battle.  They can’t hit for skubalon, but if one ever does land a blow you are dead.  Their armor is almost always enchanted and I’ve never seen anyone take one down.  Heard about it, but never seen it.

Of course we also have our crafters, miners, farmers, and the like.  The real people that make Loar worth saving.

Is that what you are doing now?

Not per se.  I honestly don’t know if Loar can be saved.  Doogan seems to think so.  I’m just along for the adventure and any interesting treasure we find.

Doogan?  Who is that?

Ah, he’s the hero of the story.  Or really wants to be.  See, I was minding my business, trying to get off Beltair, the Island Doogan’s father rules.

Wait, let me start over.  Doogan is Doogan Riftwind.  He’s the third of four children of Lord Dalgan Riftwind.  His older brother and sister are typical Aeromancer aristocrats, but Doogan is an idealist.  His best friend, an elf from Gaalim’gaal named Muskrat, helped him run away from home.  That’s where I came in.  The pulon off Beltair was locked down because of them by Dalgan’s order.  I sort of got myself in trouble by activating the pulon with some pyromancy and got us all off the Island.

We’ve been running around Pulon Island, that’s the central Island that all pulons connect to – doing ‘quests’.  I admire Doogan’s idealism.  It’s refreshing, though eventually he’s going to get noticed and have to go back home.

So Muskrat is an elf.  Are there any other races on Loar?

Races?  Like foot races?  Or do you mean ‘kinds’?  Sure.  There are humans, elves, dwarves, paidion, orcs, goblins, ogres, hobgoblins, centaurs, all kinds of fey like the sylphs, trolls, were-kin, the tinikeans.  I could go on and on.  We pretty much all live together, though each kind has places where they dominate.  I think that’s more about a preference in geography and climate than anything else.

Do you have a love interest?

Nope.  Haven’t found the time for it or the right girl.

Any enemies?

Maybe Dalgan Riftwind now, but not really.  I doubt he even knows who I am.  I didn’t give the pulon operators my name.

What are your current goals?

Right now I’m trying to keep Doogan and Muskrat from biting off more than they can chew.  I was heading for Bethairia when I fled Beltair.  A friend of mine lives there and I haven’t seen her in a couple of years.  Beyond that?  Enjoying life, having enough money to eat, exploring.  I’m not an idealist like Doogan.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything.  I think Doogan and Muskrat will be back soon.  I need to head to the Bazaar and get some things from Phiena.  There’s also talk of some new god we might check out for fun.

Thanks for chatting with me.

The world shattered more than 1600 years ago in the great cataclysm known as ‘the Sundering’. Only a remnant of civilization survives, eking out a living on fragments of land orbiting the local star. Three disparate groups of heroes must now stave off monsters, demons, political and magical forces that all want to finish the destruction of Loar.

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