Book Feature – Lament Hill by Danae Samson

Lament Hill by Danae Samson

With the same quick paced, suspenseful appeal as Stephen King and Dean Koontz, comes the story of Lament Hill.  David Masterson, a music journalist, goes on assignment to Mt. Hood, Oregon to interview rock legend, Jared Lucas for the first time since Lucas’ self inflicted reclusion.  David has initial hesitation due to the singer’s temperamental reputation, but encouraged by his boss and the promise of advancement at Wolf magazine, David ignores his premonitions and heads north to Oregon.  The young journalist soon discovers that his stay at the Lucas estate, Lament Hill, will not only be a struggle for his life, but also the conclusion of a struggle between good and evil.


What People Are Saying:

“OMG, this was the best book ever! I could not put it down. 3 pots of coffee and an all nighter to finish it.”Yo-Yo, Amazon Customer.

“Really good read, couldn’t put it down. I cannot wait for more from this author! Definately going to buy this for the readers in my family.”Jasper, Amazon Customer.


Author Bio and Future Works:

It has been over a decade since I finished my first short story.  Its completion was so rewarding that in the past 14 years I have acquired an Associate in Arts degree, Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Science in Writing with an emphasis in Book Publishing degree with the intention to execute the craft of composition with skill.  I moved from California to Oregon so that I could attend PortlandStateUniversity, which had the only student-run publishing house in the country.

Graduate school, for my set course of study, required that I partake in the publication process as well as examine the history of literature and the discipline of accomplished prose (grammar, rhetoric, editing, etc.).  The revelation of the highly competitive and often complex world of publishing did not discourage me, but rather confirmed my place in it, as a writer.  I knew I would never be a copy editor, literary agent or jacket designer.  My place was with the words.  I finished school and returned to California where I accepted the position of English instructor at two of the local community colleges.  After four years of teaching in California, I moved back to the Pacific Northwest where I taught for ClarkCollege in Vancouver, Washington while writing a column on friendship for  In late 2010, I quit teaching to focus on the publication of my first book, Lament Hill.  A few months later, I signed on with Media Aria CDM, Ltd. out of England, who released Lament Hill in January of 2012.  My second book, Burn: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green, also a work of horror fiction, is scheduled for release next year.

Lament Hill is my first effort at novel writing, but it has always been my intention to publish it and pursue a career as a professional writer.  I am currently in negotiations for the publication of my third book and am working on a fourth manuscript.

Future Works:

Danae Samson’s second novel, Burn: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green is scheduled for release next year.  Samson is currently in negotiations for the release of her third book and is working on a fourth.


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