Interview with Chris Barnes of Dynamic Ram Audio Productions

Please welcome Chris Barnes, founder of Dynamic Ram Audio Productions and someone you really want to meet if you’ve been thinking about turning your book into an audio-book!

Hello! What’s your name?

Chris Barnes

What is your company called?

Dynamic Ram Audio Productions

How did you get started recording audio books?

My voiceover career started in 2009, doing various roles for Audio Drama groups such as Brokensea Audio Productions ( , eventually I moved into production work, taking on the role of producer for Dr Despicables Chamber of Cinema ( .  Then, about 18 months ago, Paul Mannering of Brokensea approached me to produce some Audiobooks for Pro Se Publications, a New Pulp publisher from Arkansas.  It really grew from there – I have now produced around 8 titles for various people and this year decided to create my own brand and Dynamic Ram Audio Productions was born.

Does your company work with indie authors as well as traditional?

I already work with Indie Authors such as Paul Mannering and Tonia Brown as well as producing work for established publishing houses like Airship 27 Productions and Pro Se Publications, we also have projects in the pipeline for White Rocket publications.

How do you select which books to turn into audio books?

Usually the client tells me what they want to produce.

So what’s the process of producing an audio book, from selection to sale? About how long does it take?

A client will approach me and say, “I have this book I want to produce as an audiobook”.  Basically, the process will go something like this

  • I will read the book and look at what kind of feel/sound the book should have, i.e single reader, multiple readers
  • I will discuss the above with the client and if they are happy with what I suggest I will post a casting call to fill the roles
  • Once I’ve filled the role production begins
  • Readers supply each chapter as a high quality MP3 file
  • I clean up, edit and request any redos for fluffed lines etc
  • The audio is then mastered and delivered to the client

The whole process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on a few factors.

How do you choose voice actors? Does the criteria change based on book genre?

When casting for a narrator, I look at a number of things

  • Recording Quality
  • Read Quality i.e Pacing, Characterisation
  • Commitment, this one is actually one of the most important things.  If your reader is not commited then you’re going to struggle to get the book done.

Tell us about your latest project.

My latest project was The Cold Beneath, a steampunk zombie horror novel by Tonia Brown.  This project was kind of atypical because this was a book I read and loved it so much I actually approached the author.  I sent her an MP3 of me reading the first chapter by way of thank you for writing such a great book, she came back to me and basically asked, “How much to do the rest?”  From pitch to completion took 56 days.  That’s quite an achievement.

The Cold Beneath is available on CD baby and various other digital resellers.  It should be available on Itunes in the near future too!

What are your goals for the future of Dynamic RAM Audio Productions?

I’d love to be able to be in a position where audio paid the bills.  I really do love what I do.

Are there any charges or fees to the author to convert their book to audio?

Usually, I work on a royalty’s basis – the only upfront costs would be charges for getting the book onto an online aggregator like CD Baby.

How can an author submit their book to you for consideration?

Authors or Publishers can get in touch by emailing or visiting our facebook page at

Thank you so much for your time, and your dedication to books and their authors!


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