“Genre Phobia” by Pavarti K. Tyler

I only recently found out that I was a fantasy author.  I know, it sounds ridiculous.  Especially since Two Moons of Sera Vol One was released in November of 2011.  But see, I was in a kind of denial.  My own prejudices shone through and clouded my ability to see that I was in fact the very subject of my own discrimination.

As a science fiction buff, I’ve always kind of looked down on fantasy.  You know, with elves and fairies and knights you can play fast and loose with the rules of logic.  This flies in the face of everything science fiction stands for!

I remember the days of sitting in the lunch room cafeteria with my nerdly friends.  Come wore gauntlets even to school, most were excitedly discussing the next RPG game they would be meeting up for and far too many owned their own capes.  I loved them all, but silently I scoffed.  I would go to the games and listen, but rarely play, mostly there to smoke cigarettes and make out with my fella.

A life time of snobbery later, I find that I have no flame to light my righteous way as I stand in the wind.  I have written a fantasy novel.  I tried to convince myself it was more romance than fantasy (it’s not), then I tried to say it was kind of sci-fi (it’s not), or maybe sort of dystopian (it’s not).  Two Moons of Sera is solidly fantasy and now that I’ve accepted that I have found a whole new world has opened up to me.

The rules of logic I had clung to as dogma for so long have fallen away and now I am free to dream without limits.  I have opened my mind to books and plot lines I’d never considered before.  I even recently read a book about Faeries and loved it.  Before, I would have rolled my eyes at the spelling, but now, I’m free to just enjoy it (Check out The Between by LJ Cohen for a great read).

Now I proudly announce that Two Moons of Sera is a Fantasy first, a Romance second.  It’s a book that has inspired the crashing of my pre-conceived notions and allowed me a kind of freedom to explore the possibilities of my imagination in ways never before possible.


About the author: Pavarti K Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She graduated Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre. After graduation, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway.

Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance industry several international law firms. She now operates her own accounting firm in the Washington DC area, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not preparing taxes, she is busy working as the Director of Marketing at Novel Publicity or penning her next novel.

Her current project, Two Moons of Sera, is being published in serial format.  Volumes 1-3 are available now on Amazon.com.  Volume 4 is expected out before the end of 2012.


Buy Now Vol. 1 to 3 @ Amazon Kindle

Genre – Fantasy Romance

Rating – PG13 to R

Connect with Pavarti Tyler on Twitter & Facebook

Website http://www.fightingmonkeypress.com/

To read Pavarti’s interview on Writer’s Block Party, click here.


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8 Responses to “Genre Phobia” by Pavarti K. Tyler

  1. Tracey says:

    I think it’s wise to let go of genre snobbery and just let your writing be whatever it is. Recently I wrote a story–I still don’t know what it is–that’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. The thing is, the response to it has been fantastic, even though editors are still having a hard time categorizing it. Writing’s funny that way sometimes.

  2. Sometimes it is really difficult to categorize a book. I say I write Fantasy – and I do – but it lacks the spells and magic and aliens of that genre. It also has romance, and adventure, and battles, and …..well you get the idea. It’s too bad there are not more sub-genres, or that we are forced to place labels on what we write.

    • I agree Yvonne! My other novel is a Muslim Superhero Novel. I categorise it under Lit Fic but that isn’t quite right either. It’s hard to know where you fit sometimes, but I think it’s good to keep genre bending and exploring our imaginations!

  3. dylanhearn says:

    Great blog, but you can have both. Many of the best fantasies have a sound logic underpinning how everything works in that particular reality, even if it seems illogical in ours. Half the fun of the fantasy genre as a reader is slowly learning how everything works. There is nothing more jarring for me than reading a fantasy book and a character overcomes a challenge by breaking those predefined rules. Have fun exploring both reading and writing about these many new worlds!

  4. Becky Black says:

    There is a lot of snobbery around fantasy. It’s especially rampant here in the UK literary world, even though one of our best selling authors is Terry Pratchett. But of course “best selling” doesn’t have to mean anything to the literary establishment. If a top literary author does write something that’s classifiable as fantasy or science fiction, that label is never applied to it. Even Rowling once said she hadn’t thought of the Harry Potter books as coming under the fantasy genre when she wrote them – which shows even someone who can laugh all the way to the bank in the face of snobbery can feel the need to try to distance herself from the shameful label of “fantasy.”

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