Author Interview and Giveaway with C.E. Wilson

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C.E. Wilson is 29 years old and currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and her two dogs and two cats. They are all the loves of her life. When she’s not writing young adult fantasy novels, she enjoys writing short stories on her DeviantArt page. She loves to write stories involving giants and little people (also known as GT) and nothing helps her to write more than Coca-Cola and glazed doughnut holes.

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Hello! What’s your name?

C.E. Wilson

What do you write and why?

I write Young Adult Fantasy and Paranormal romance novels.  I write them because I love to read them.  There is something really great about taking the modern world and adding a fantasy twist to it.  Deep down, we all want to believe that there is magic hidden away in this world.

Do you read the same genre that you write? Why or why not?

Oh yes!  I love to read Young Adult fantasy and paranormal romance books!  I’ve read a lot of books by R.J. Anderson, Melissa Marr, Carrie Jones, Amanda Hocking, and Stephanie Meyer and I love them all.  I am always looking for inspiration from these and other great YA writers.  They are able to create worlds that are very realistic, but there is always an aspect that reminds that you that it is fantasy.  Despite turning thirty next year, I am still an avid reader of Young Adult Fantasy because they are so enjoyable.

What is the title you are promoting right now?

I am promoting Oath of Servitude, the first book in The Punishment Sequence.

What is it about?

Oath of Servitude is a story that follows Cailin, a pixi who is struggling with the rigid rules of her pixi clan in upstate Maine.  Cailin’s clan is currently in conflict, with the younger generation of pixis clashing with the older generation who stress “traditional pixi values”.  To Cailin this means controlling how she acts, what she says and even what she wears.  When the clan leaders have had enough of her behavior they decide to punish her:  a year of exile from the clan to spend with a human family.  This is when she is sent to live with Teague and his father Owen.  Teague is a human who had lived a charmed life until a freak accident sent his life into the darkness.  He is bitter and depressed, and his father decides to pull him out of college and bring in Cailin to help him cope with the changes.  But how will Teague and Cailin get along?

And how will Cailin’s clan react when her friendship with Teague becomes closer than anyone had imagined?

What makes this book different from others in your genre?

I think that this book is a little different from what is out there because Cailin is smaller than most pixis we read about in Young Adult stories.  There are stories out there that deal with pixi and fae, but Cailin is only a foot tall which adds to the complications of the friendship between Cailin and Teague (who is a human).  Size difference is not something that is very popular in Young Adult stories, but with books and movies coming out with smaller characters and larger characters, I think that there is potential for this to become a thriving Young Adult genre.  Hehe…I sure hope so.

What’s the story behind the story?

I’ve always wanted to write a book with a large size difference between characters.  I loved reading books like The Borrowers by Mary Norton and The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks and I always wondered why there aren’t more books like that.  R.J. Anderson has a great book called Knife that deals with size difference with a tiny fairy and a human, but there are few books that tackle this subject.  I wanted to find out if this was something that other readers liked so I started posting stories on my DeviantArt page with smaller characters interacting with humans and/or giants to see what the response was and I was surprised.  There were people out there who enjoyed this concept as much as me, if not more!  It was then that I decided to write books with size difference (otherwise known at G/T for Giant/Tiny) for the Young Adult audience.  It’s what I love, and I want to write about what I love.

What is your goal as an author?

My goal as an author is to write books that I enjoy writing.  I have major problems with impatience so I always want to write more, publish more and find more people to read what I love.  I need to understand that it will take time to get my works out there but I want people to enjoy reading the stories that I love writing.

Are you working on anything new? Give us a preview of what’s to come!

Oh yes!  I am working on the next book in The Punishment Sequence, titled Permanent Shadows, which will continue following the friendship of Teague and Cailin and Cailin’s pixi clan.  I won’t reveal too much because the first book has only come out, but the world surrounding these two will definitely grow bigger in the second book.

I am also editing a stand-alone novel called The Promise.  This story will follows a young woman named Lily who has recently become engaged to a man named Erik…shortly after discovering that she is shrinking.  The story will follow Erik and Lily as they struggle to maintain their friendship as Lily’s height dwindles down to that of a child, a baby, and even further.  I think it is going to be a good read because it talks about the struggles that young couples can go through, with a twist. 😉

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

I’m a huge fan of Carrie Jones and Melissa Marr.

As for my favorite book, I cannot choose between these two:  I’m a sucker for Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

Where can readers find you and your work?

Oath of Servitude is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

You can also find me on Goodreads.

Paperback copies are also in the works for those who do not have an eReader.

What’s your view on the self-publishing/traditional publishing thing? Ideally, which one would you prefer and why?

Oh geez.  Ideally, I bet that I would have enjoyed traditional publishing more, but I have to say that self-publishing is growing on me.  There is a certain amount of pride that you feel upon telling people that you are doing almost everything yourself.  You have to take the time to find an editor that you trust (and can afford), a cover that you feel fits your story, and promote your book.  At the end of the day you can say that you did most of the work.  There’s also a great online community that supports and encourages self-published authors, and I’m excited to finally be a part of it

Do you have a favorite quote? (It doesn’t have to be related to writing!)

“I can’t be everything to everyone.”  I saw this quote on Amanda Hocking’s blog when she was still breaking into the publishing world and it’s stuck with me.  No matter how much I write, no matter how nice I am and how hard I work, not everyone will like me.  That’s just how it is and I have to learn to accept that.  I also have to remember that, at the same time, there will be people out there who do like me.  Both are important.

What is the most important advice you have for aspiring authors?

Be patient.  No matter what we say to people, there is a small voice in our heads that tells us we are going to be a huge success with our first book and not ever have to work another day in our lives.  There is nothing wrong with that voice and it’s good to be confident, but you have to be patient.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

And when all else fails…just keep writing.

Is there anything else you’d like to say before we finish up?

I hope readers will give Oath of Servitude a chance and thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

Awesome, thanks for allowing me to interview you!

Don’t forget to pay C.E. a visit and check out Oath of Servitude at the links below!



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