Book Feature and Giveaway – Poetik Penetration by Amaris Bee

For the chance to win a free print copy of Poetik Penetration by Amaris Bee, please leave a comment on this post with your email address included in the body of the comment. This giveaway is open worldwide, and will end at 3 PM (EST) on October 16th.

Amaris Bee is a young and vibrant Atlanta Peach. She is a 15 year veteran of public education. She has attained many accolades from her performance skills and artistic talents. She loves to dance, is a classical pianist, and loves to paint and teach and share with others her God given talents. She began writing this book in her senior year of college. It is a true montage of experiences she has endured throughout her life. This is a collection of the trials and tribulations of her relationships and brief encounters with men. Some pieces were inspired by the drama her friends were going through as well. She hopes that you can relate to her stories, learn the lesson, and enjoy. Believe that there is a possibility of finding true love.



The Prenup

from head to toe if I was paralyzed
if I lost the vision that is in my eyes
could never hear U whisper in my ear
my arms my legs were just to disappear

If I wasn’t able to have no kids
and if I could they would die of SIDS
if I lost all my money in the market crash
got accused of selling coke and smoking hash

lost my job, lost my car and my house
would U still be willing to be my spouse?
would U donate a kidney just to save my life?
that’s all it takes for me to be your wife

I gotta know that you’ll be there for me
if I lost all my hair and all of my teeth
them vows they say for better or worse
even if the worst seems like curse

if I started to stutter like Forest Gump
if the doctor said that he found a lump
if I wanted to go back to school
I need to know if you would love me fool

if I became abusive to myself
would U leave me alone or stay to help
I don’t want no dam diamond ring
if U think that marriage is an easy thing

Don’t even bother to get down on your knee
if U can’t take a little pain & misery
marriage is more than love and happiness
sometimes it feels like a hot a** mess

U gotsta be willing to stick by my side
Thru troubled water U gotta be my guide
my light, my knight in shining armor
When I’m stressed out U gotsta be mo calmer

I need you to always protect me
And I want you to love me unconditionally
So if you can live up to this agreement without fear
Here’s a pen and paper just sign right here


Learn more or purchase your copy at:

Amaris Bee’s Website


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