Are You a Paranormal Writer in Need of Science to Make Your World AWESOME?

Well guess what…I know where you can get it.

My sister and I, (my background is in physics, hers in chemistry) have recently started a paranormal investigation team, called Scientific Testing, Analysis, and Research (STAR) of the Paranormal.  Here’s our logo.

Sweet, huh? We started our group for a number of reasons:

1) We’ve both had experiences before that we can’t explain, and it really aggravates us when we can’t explain something.
2) of all the people who have experienced things they can’t explain, there have to be some that aren’t lying.
3) In my time studying physics (and hers studying chemistry), we discovered that scientists are sometimes just as biased and prejudiced for or against certain ideas as anyone else.  Every generation of scientist believes that they have now discovered all there is to discover, and all that remains is to explain it. If scientists can’t re-create it in a lab, it’s not real. If it doesn’t make sense to scientists, then it’s not real. And time and time again, scientists are proven wrong by the NEXT generation of scientists who then believe THEY know everything. I mean honestly.  It is a given scientific fact that every person is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. It is a given scientific fact that everyone’s DNA is totally unique, and controls every physical aspect of them. It is a widely studied idea in psychology that facial features, and other DNA-controlled things about your body, can be used to deduce one’s personality.

So why is it so outrageously ridiculous, that humans have an aura that may show, if we could see it, details about their personality? If every human has an electromagnetic field which emanates from their body (so is probably controlled by dna), and other things controlled by dna can hint at personality…I’m not saying it’s true, or not true. But why do people say it’s insane, or ridiculous, or stupid? Seems pretty reasonable to me.

ANYWAY, rambling aside, why would I talk about my paranormal investigation team on my writing blog?

WELL, because lots of you write paranormal fiction, and my sister and I have also started a blog, where much of the content is about how science relates to the paranormal. To me, as a writer, the best paranormal worlds are the ones that you can actually explain how they work…even if it wouldn’t really work in real life. It’s nice to have some science that you can fudge a little to back up happenings in your own worlds you create.

We try to post at our blog regularly about different ideas we’ve had about HOW TO EXPLAIN the paranormal, as well as posts that caution people not to jump to conclusions about certain aspects of the paranormal. So far we’ve got a post about the rods and cones in your eye and how they might affect how you perceive the “paranormal.” We’ve got an apparatus you could set up to attempt the popular flashlight experiment (where a spirit turns the flashlight on and off), only with this you would have the flashlight’s circuitry exposed so it can’t be tampered with.  A post on HOW spirits might exist, using E&M theory, and a post on how to tell the difference between what’s paranormal and what isn’t in photos. And we’ll be coming out with lots lots more! (Dimensions, parallel worlds, string theory, quantum mechanics, molecular vibrations…it’s going to be awesome)

So check out our blog! And feel free to use any ideas or anything you find on the blog in your books, blogs, or anywhere else. Our goal is to start intelligent conversation on topics that are currently taboo in intelligent circles…so spread it around!



About Lisa Taylor

Hello! I'm an author, and in my time as an author I've realized that there are thousands of authors out there that just don't get the attention they deserve. So I'm hosting this "Writer's Block Party" so you can get to know the people that create the stories we all love!
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3 Responses to Are You a Paranormal Writer in Need of Science to Make Your World AWESOME?

  1. AJ Brown says:

    Lisa, this is great. My wife is going to love this. I have theories about the paranormal, but nothing really to back them up. My wife and I (and my daughter) have had interesting activity follow us from place to place. I guess follow is the wrong term, but it seems that wherever we have lived there is something going on. I also have theories as to why that is the case, but that would make this a novel lengthed comment.

    At any rate, I’m going to check out the blog here shortly and let my wife know about it.

    • Lisa Taylor says:

      Well, it’s a pretty new blog, so there’s only a few posts related to explaining the paranormal, but there will be plenty more to come. I’m hoping to write one today concerning Fantasy-Prone-Personality (FPP) and how far it can be used to debunk paranormal phenomena.

      I hope you find it helpful! I’d love to hear about your experiences sometimes! Collecting experiences and comparing them for consistent aspects is part of what we do 🙂

      • ajbrown says:

        I love the piece on orbs–I’ve been trying to explain for years that flashes and reflective surfaces do not make orbs. You clarified it better than I could and it makes complete sense.

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