Book Feature and Giveaway – “The Way of Nacor” by Jeff W. Horton

For the chance to win a free e-copy of The Way of Nacor by Jeff W. Horton, please leave a comment on this post with your email addres included in the body of the comment. This giveaway will end at 3 PM (EST) on October 24th.

The Way of Nacor by Jeff W. Horton

How can four stranded children survive and get back home after finding themselves transported to an alien planet in a distant part of the galaxy?

Following a family tragedy, the Seekers children find themselves transported to a strange, alien world named Zantura, where a powerful, evil being named Sarin has either murdered or enslaved nearly everyone. The siblings must face and survive a series of seven deadly trials on the journey to find a long-lost ancient relic, which has the power to save Zantura from Sarin, and to send the children home.


What People Are Saying:

“…Read The Way to Nacor and take the journey along with Rachel, Michael,
Jessie and Eli as these four amazing kids learn many important lessons in
life that will definitely make them stronger, braver and just maybe wiser.
This is a great book for children of all ages and I think teens too.
Adults you just might learn some important lessons in what is really
important in life. What is next in store for them only the author Jeff
Horton has the answer to that question?” – MICHIGAN AVENUE MEDIA BOOK REVIEWS



Her husband looked up just as the roof lifted up and flew off the house. Above them swirled an enormous cloud of dirt and debris, which stretched up into the sky as far as he could see. Christian looked back into the closet at the frightened faces on his children, then back at his wife. They both knew there was not enough room in the closet, and there was no time to take the mattress out; nor was there time for goodbyes. Looking into his wife’s eyes, he managed a brief warm smile, conveying with a simple look, in a brief speck of time, the thoughts and feelings that take a lifetime to form and to share. He then slammed the door of the closet shut, just as the house imploded.

None of them moved an inch as the creature approached. Each of them stood motionless, paralyzed with fear, with nowhere to run. Now that the creature was no more than ten yards away, Rachel was able to get a better look at it. The alien indeed stood at least seven feet tall, and judging by its broad shoulders and musculature, it must have weighed in at 400 to 500 pounds. Fur covered the creature from head to toe; it had a dark bluish hue by the looks of it, though in the muted light Rachel could not be certain.”

The strange and hauntingly familiar voice came from behind him, causing Michael to grab the spear and whirl around to face the intruder, who stood no more than five or ten feet away. In contrast to the gruesome beast he had battled moments earlier, the new visitor glowed with a brilliance rivaling that of a star, making it difficult to discern its features or  its color. It appeared to be silver all over, though it was difficult to tell for certain. It stood in front of Michael, but he could see that the visitor sported two large, white wings, reminiscent of those of a great eagle.

Hello, my name is Rubicon. I have come to bring you both admonishment and praise, Michael Seekers.”


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