Want a Book Review?

**I have stopped accepting requests for book reviews until further notice. My reading list has just gotten too long, and I can’t add any more to it right now. Check back in January for updates.**

If you’d like me to write a review of your book, I would welcome the opportunity. Read these rules before you ask.

  • I read fantasy, science fiction, young adult fantasy, paranormal fiction, adventures, middle school grade fantasies, horror and some non-fiction.
  • You may still request reviews for other genres, but I reserve the right to turn down any book that does not pique my interest. The only genres I will always turn down are romance, westerns and erotica.
  • I do not have an e-reader, and will not read a book on my computer screen. If you want a review, you’ll have to send me a print copy.
  • I aim to get a book read and reviewed in two weeks or less, but I cannot make any guarantees. I have a job, a trilogy in the works, I maintain multiple websites and I may have others in line to review. I make as much time as I can for reading, but no whining if it takes longer.
  • For now book reviews will be treated as regular blog posts and posted as such. If I receive enough requests I will create a separate page for reviews only.
  • I will never charge for a book review, but I guarantee that my review will be honest. No crying about criticisms.
  • Keep in mind that even if I turn your book down to be reviewed, I’d still be happy to feature you on the blog!
  • Here is my rating system:

1 star:  I couldn’t finish it.
2 stars: I finished it, but if I could go back, I would spend my time in some other, more productive way.
3 stars: I finished it, and it was decent. Not a bad read.
4 stars: I really enjoyed it. Maybe it didn’t blow my mind, but I definitely recommend it.
5 stars: Mind blowing. I loved it, and will definitely go back and read it again one day.

If you’d like a review, please fill out the form below. I will respond via email as soon as possible.


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