Want to Be Featured?

If you are an author and you’d like to be featured at my blog, I’d love to help! I accept all genres. However if you write erotica or other R-rated materials, please keep your blog post  PG-13.  I’d like my website to be accessible for all ages.  🙂

**There used to be three ways to feature you on my blog, but after recent input from my readers, I’ve created a few more. Fill out this form to request the type of feature you’d prefer. Descriptions of the types are beneath the form. I’ll respond via email with the necessary information and materials.

Author Guest post. This requires the most work from you, but also gives you the most freedom in interacting with the blog’s readers. You write a post about anything related to writing: your work, your inspiration, stories of your time as an author, tips, anything you want. I’m not picky about word count, but optimum is probably 200-400 words. At the bottom I post a picture of you, a short bio, and links to you and your work. See examples here.

Character Guest Post. The same as above, but not necessarily related to writing because it is a character from your book writing the guest post, not you. It can be about anything they would find important…just make it interesting for the readers so they’ll want more of your character and pick up your book! Also send character art (if you have it), a picture of you, a short bio, and links.

An Author Interview. For an interview, I will send you a questionnaire. It is general to all authors, but you may modify it to suit your needs as you’d like. You send me back the answers along with a photo of yourself, a short bio, the cover art of whichever book you are promoting and the links you’d like included. I will then post them all in an organized and attractive post. See examples here.

A Character Interview. Since every story is different, you will have to come up with the questions for your character, since I most likely haven’t read your book and know nothing about them. If you prefer, I can come up with a questionnaire given a few days notice, but you may have to edit, omit, or add questions to make it most relevant to your character. If you have some kind of character art, you can send that. If you don’t, just send the cover art, your bio, a photo and links.

A Book Feature. This type of post is the least work for you, the author, but gives you the least direct interaction with the readers. This post is designed to tell people about your book instead of yourself. I will post your book cover (the bigger the picture, the better) along with a description or the blurb from the back. Below that will be snippets of reviews (with links to their sources for credit), an excerpt, and finally links where the readers can buy the book. You just have to send me the materials. See examples here.

Share Your World.This post is mostly geared toward fantasy, science fiction and paranormal writers. In this post you will share the world that your story is set in. The geography, politics, creatures, laws of physics and magic…anything you need to give the readers a complete picture of the world you live in while you write your story. Again…make it interesting! If people find your world fascinating, they’ll want to read stories set in it.

Special Excerpt: In this post you get to share something personal with your readers. Submit your all time favorite excerpt from any book (including your own!). Then write a short blurb about how and why this blurb has inspired, helped, transformed or otherwise affected your life.

**You can choose to do more than one of these (by submitting the form multiple times), however I ask that they each promote different books. I want my blog to be fair and share everyone’s work, so I don’t want to focus multiple posts on one book. The only exception to this is when someone sends me a book to review. I will review the book in one post and interview the author in another.


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  1. Love love love! 🙂

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